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Its Time To Make Those Mad Rap Beats Like The Pros

Do you love rap, urban, and hip hop beats? Almost everyone loves those types of beats because they “get the party started” and we love when a new album comes out from our favorite artist that simply has those awesome beats. Have you ever thought about trying to make your own rap beats? Does the idea seem nearly impossible because you assume you need some expensive studio set up? It’s ok, most people think like that but, I’m here to say there’s good news on that front. […]

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Are You Ready To Make Real Beats And Music Online

If you’re a big fan of hip hop, rap, urban beats and electronic music, then at some point in your life you’ve probably contemplated trying to create some of your own tunes. Most people go online to see if there are beat and music makers and of course, that’s a great place to start looking. One needs to be aware though that some of these “music makers” are really just flash “games” and while they can be mildly entertaining, if you ever wanted to get serious then […]

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